Thursday, March 25, 2010


For us it was something new. A really tough physical training session combined with park orienteering. Better late than never!

It consisted of a 3km jog at the beginning. Then some strength on the nearby hill. Finally, the time came for the so-called O-intervals. We were to run 2 legs at full speed, then jog to the next start and repeat it five times. Below I present my split times and other details:

*-1-2     249m     0'49     3:15/km     161/177
*-3-4     238m     0'48     3:22/km     168/178
*-5-6     404m     1'15     3:05/km     175/182
*-7-8     345m     1'12     3:28/km     170/179
*-9-10   378m     1'08     2:59/km     175/183

 ALL     1614m     5'12     3:13/km     171/183

I must admit that my legs felt a bit more tired before(!) this training session than just after it;) However, now they are really heavy due to the last three days, during which I had 3 demanding trainings. But there's nothing to worry about. The spring is coming - thanks Pasza for today!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First of the minigoals executed:)

Last Friday we travelled to Podlesice so as to take part in a well-known cross.

Although I suffered from a little cold some days ago, I felt that I was pretty well prepared for this competition. I thought we were going to run the same loop as last year. I even analysed the split times and prepared myself mentally. However, it turned out that it's not possible to run using these tracks. That's why it was decided to move this race to Złoty Potok (the very same straight as 2, 3, 4... years ago).

I don't have so much time to describe my race very precisely as I realised that my A level exams are coming in a month's time. I just want to say that looking back on this competition I am pretty satisfied with my performance. Nevertheless, I didn't feel extremely strong physically that day and I must admit I would prefer this cross to have been carried out at a much faster loop...

All in all, comparing this result to the one from the year 2008, when I competed with the same people in my class, I made a considerable progress and am looking forward to improving my place in the forest!

Afterwards we had two technical trainings. I decided to take my headlamp for the first one because I wanted to practise some night orienteering (it got dark when I spotted the 11th control). It's unbelievable how I managed to find the 15th control among these bushes and enormous rocks... Moreover, I made a large mistake to the 16th control due to the lack of attention and laziness to focus on map reading and keeping the direction. On Sunday there was a middle distance course. I took it very easily. However, I must admit that sometimes I had a great willingness to speed up and feel the spirit of a real O-competition. I made one major mistake to the 11th control - I saw one or two more re-entrants in the terrain there... But who bothers?

Now I am leaving for a middle pace training in a nearby park (warm-up + 12,6km). Tomorrow a physical training combined with orienteering with my clubmates. Friday, 5:30 a.m. - we are heading for Denmark! Spring Cup, orienteering wake up;)

P.S. Łukasz, you are my real hero! Good luck on track! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

I hate this !@#$%^& white shit!

This weekend I kind of began my 2010 O-season. However, personally I wouldn't call it 'orienteering'. I would rather use the term: sinking deep into the snow with a map. I just couldn't stand the fact that it was not me who chose the route choices, but the exisiting snow-tunnels prepared by all the runners who started before me... Moreover, it's unbelievable how much I lose physically in such deep snow - nevertheless, I'm sure it's all in my head. That's why my only aim during these races was to reach the finish line - not to make no mistakes, not to be 100% focused on map reading and not to achieve the best result! What's more, I caught a cold at Friday's night and have to fight with a sore throat and a runny nose right now. It all made this 3-day stay in the very north of Denmark a real nightmare for me. I DO HOPE it already was the worst one in the coming year!

On Friday we took part in a technical training:

At the weekend we competed in Nordjysk 2-Dages:

I don't even feel like analysing these courses, not yet... On the other hand, the terrain was really wonderful and I really can't wait to practise orienteering there (with no snow under my legs of course!). Today I am doing my best to get over this little illness, jump into my running shoes tomorrow and be back on Saturday stronger than ever!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Justyna, I know how you felt!

This title may sound a bit exaggerated but I am sure I realised at least in 1/5 how exhausted she felt while struggling for the Olympic gold with the Norwegian star.

On Saturday I started in a special cross-test in Ruda Pabianicka. My watch estimated the distance to equal 8,16km. It included 4 loops of 2,04km. The climb is believed to be about 200m. The weather conditions were surprisingly good. Although it was a bit cold, the sun was shining and there was no rain/snow falling from the sky. The ground was covered with a small amount of snow, which meant that it was worse than last year but judging from the previous days I actually hadn't expected it to be that nice!

I was extremely motivated to beat the time of 30:05, which I managed to achieve one year ago. I dreamt of having a magical 2 in the front. It was exactly the same goal that Pasza wanted to pursue. I was sure it wouldn't be easy to defeat him. What's more, I was uncertain of mysterious Łukasz's abilities because his shape has been magnificent lately. However, I decided to do my utmost, do a really tough training out of this race and simply enjoy every meter of the course!

My starting position was unbelievably promising because I started one minute behind Chrupek, 2mins behind Zielu and 9mins behind Łukasz - it meant a great possibility of catching them all and I took advantage of it. But first things first...

I did a long, appropriate warm-up with lots of speed-ups to prepare my legs for the coming intensive effort. I began my race at 11:11. I didn't want to start too fast but obviously I couldn't prevent my legs from flying on the very first straight. That's why I finished the first loop with the time of 7:15 and began to feel that my legs are a bit too tired in such an early part of the race. However, there was no other way now than to clench my teeth and carry on...

I succeeded in finishing the second loop, during which I managed to pass Chrupek, with a quite satisfying time - 7:29. Nonetheless, somewhere in the middle of the course I had thoughts of ending my race at that moment. Fortunately, I am just too ambitious and strong-willed to do so! I only needed to think of these terrible pricks of conscience I would have.

Seeing Łukasz and Cilu some 100m ahead of me made the next loop much easier for me since the only thing I wanted to achieve then was to catch them! Although I was even able to run past them, my split time (7:36) wasn't delightful...

Fortunately, I managed to find enough power in my legs and mind(!) - what turned out to be much more important, I think - to run the last loop faster than the previous one (7:29). On the final straight I felt as if someone tried to stick nails in my forehead from the inside. I wasn't capable of straightening my legs while finishing. The only thing I was sure of was the fact that I beat the magical time of 30 minutes. Once I had punched the 'Finish' control, I fell down and breathed deeply. Immediately I heard that I won with Pasza with the advantage of about 8 seconds, which made me unbelievably happy and satisfied! I could easily start my compulsory jog after such a tough competition;-)

Split times

Now I would like to present a short comparison with the last year's competition.

Times (and splits) + HR:
2009 - 30:05 (7:42, 7:32, 7:28, 7:23) + 185/192
2010 - 29:49 (7:15, 7:29, 7:36, 7:29) + 185/191.

As you can see, this year I made one considerable mistake - I just started a bit too fast! However, I still managed to achieve better time than one year ago. Furthermore, snowy ground made it even tougher. That's why I am sure my shape is much better than last year - what makes me unbelievably happy and self-assured. There is one little thing I would like to add: certainly I am not going to make the same mistakes as one year ago just before the more important cross-test in Podlesice. I hope to be dangerous there;-)

P.S. Today's middle pace training:
HR 161/169
any questions? ;)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Good to be back!

It's been almost two months since I published the last post on my website. I must admit it's a shame! However, I promise I'll do my best not to make you wait so long again:)

Part of the national team travelled to Spain today. I feel so envious of that! Nevertheless, I know that staying in Poland is the best alternative for me since we are still working on my physical strength. What's more, I am heading for Denmark in 6 days in order to start my technical preparations for the coming JWOC in Aalborg.

But let me tell you what I have been doing since 8th January...

9 I 2010
All the people who train under the Pasza's strong-arm government were forced to take part in the so-called cross-test. Although its length was just about 2,64km, the times we achieved were horrible due to a dramatic amount of snow under our feet. Fortunately, I managed to secure my 1st position at the training plans' list.

23 I & 6 II 2010
Two times I decided to travel to Warsaw in order to compete in a cross-country race called Winter Mountain Run in Falenica. The course consists of 3 loops of about 3,2km and the climb is said to come to 255m. The weather conditions were really hard and my times of 43:16 (4th place) and 45:16 (3rd place) were quite satisfying. However, what's most important for me is the fact that I had a great opportunity to do a really tough training, strengthen my legs and boost my will power.

13 II 2010
That day I took part in a Valentine's Day O-competition organized by my club. It consisted of a 2-leg relay and a short scorelauf with a mass start. In the former I started with Ania F., both of us made one mistake (me mispunching the 16th control). Therefore we only managed to take the 4th place and won a 30-minute bus or tram trip in Łódź;) I succeeded in winning the second competition after a close fight with Cilu and Jasina. Exactly the same day we travelled to Szklarska Poręba for a winter camp.

14-24 II 2010
We spent 11 lovely days in the beautiful Polish mountains. As you all know, I just love the figures: more than 256km, more than 31 hours of training (about 26,5h of pure running). I am sure I worked really hard throughout this period of time and I hope it will pay back in the future.
On 19th February we competed in the Polish Championships in Ski Orienteering (2-person relay). My partner was Charubcia and... we had very much fun out there in the forest;) It was just not the matter of the results but the great enjoyment and the ability to laugh at one's self because our skiing skills were (I would even say: still are) far from perfect.

I am having a running-free day because tomorrow I am to take part in a special provincial cross-test in Ruda Pabianicka. Yesterday I made a really strong training to wake my legs up a bit - 2km + 7x3/3mins (with the average pace of 3:23/km) + 2km. Unfortunately, it's been snowing today and it is bound to be quite cold on Saturday but I'll do my best to come as close as possible to the course best time of 30:05...