Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The day of sport!

Yeah! That's how I would call 20th January 2009. It's been the day when everything connected with sports went just superb for me!

In the early morning we had a so-called 'zero-lesson' - it was PE and we played football in a gym. I had so much enthusiasm and my technique was at a really high level. I thought it had been caused only by a stroke of luck...
Then a short basketball training at school came and... almost all my shots went straight into the basket. However, I still waited for my tough running session...
Today's training consisted of warm up (2km) + some stretching, 14km in a medium pace (it was supposed to be about 4:00/km), some stretching + cool down (2km). I felt it would be a real challenge to face. I planned in advance to run the first loop (2km) a bit slower to gain some self-confidence and spread my wings later, but when I looked at my watch at the end of the first lap, I saw 8:01! I got a bit confused. Although I didn't feel tired at all, I thought I would have great problems to finish this training in an equal, suitable pace... What happened next? See the analysis below.
Afterwards I decided to do some strength exercises using some barbells to strengthen my upper muscles a bit. I felt as if I could move the whole mountains!
Plenty of minutes before writing this note I decided to check my sports luck in pool (billiard) as well and you can imagine how it went, I think ;-)

Therefore I officially announce 20th January 2009 'THE DAY OF SPORT', as far as my opinion is concerned. I am already looking forward to see what I will be saying in exactly a year's time...

And here comes the promised analysis:
This year I already had 3 training sessions including long distance run in a medium pace (called BC2 in Polish :-P). I have a special loop of 2km in a nearby park called 'Health' ('Zdrowie' sounds a bit better, doesn't it?) and that's the area of these particular trainings. Let's begin with the first time...

Two weeks ago
I would have normally run 12km if it hadn't been for the New Year's Eve sports camp in Przesieka. That's why the distance had been reduced to 10km. Here are the splittimes:
  1. 8:11
  2. 8:08
  3. 8:01
  4. 8:04
  5. 7:59

10km - 40:23 (4:02/km), my heart rate 161/170.
I was really satisfied with these results and anxiously waited for the coming week...

A week ago
I was to run a 'normal' distance of 12km. That's how it went:

  1. 8:18
  2. 8:13
  3. 8:10
  4. 8:11
  5. 8:11
  6. 7:58

12km - 49:01 (4:05/km), my HR 164/175.
Comparing it to the previous week's results, it was not that good. However, I was quite satisfied (as always after Tuesday's training). I already knew that in one week's time I would have to face a 14km challenge...

Just check out my splittimes and you'll immediately get to know why I am so proud of my today's race:

  1. 8:01
  2. 7:56
  3. 7:51
  4. 7:46
  5. 7:46
  6. 7:42
  7. 7:33

It's been the very first time I started so strong and was even able to speed up and run each lap in a better time!
14km - 54:35 (3:54/km), my HR 164/175.

I love running so much! It's a brilliant sport! I wouldn't be able to live without it!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The winter Saturdays...

On Saturdays it is arranged a technical training in my plan. It is one of those days I enjoy most! Now I would like to describe my last (today's) and second last (a week ago) TT a bit. Let's begin with the earlier one...

How to make a course with nearly 400m climb in Łódź?

The answer is here:

The course parameters were as follows:
a bit over 14,7km with 395m climb
and lots of controls ;-)

I needed 100 minutes and some seconds to finish this course, so my effective pace was about 6:48/km. I think it's really good as for the training.
The aim of this particular training session was to reach as many hills as possible and I think I did manage very well! Obviously, I did NOT find all the controls, especially hollows under a huge layer of snow. :)

The first competition in 2009!

I may have exaggerated calling the morning's race a competition... However, I achieved a funny diploma for gaining the first victory in 2009. :-) I hope it's a brilliant prognostic for the future!

As far as the course is concerned, I must admit it was really interesting and enjoyable! I even visited two places (controls no. 67 & 44) I had never been to so far! Congratulations, Piotruś ;)
Finally, I want to emphasize that mine and Olej's route choice were of exactly the same length - 6,915km. Olej took 34-36-37-39-32 at the beginning. Funny, isn't it? :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The winner takes it all!

Ok everyone! I found some time to write the note you are reading. I know pretty well it's been over a week now after our wonderful camp, but I wanted to do my best as for this particular note. MAMMA MIA, here I go again!

...everyone seemed happy at the very beginning:)

First rule: look well before going on a training!

- before and after -
Can you see any difference?!

we had to face some technical problems as well...

NOT all of us were on blissful holiday ;-P

We had to be really tolerant and give him some support ;-)

'it's been no bed of roses!'

'my dream is to fly over the rainbow so high!'

...the afternoon relax...

on the finish of one of these courses:

the so-called New Year's Eve loops

preparing for the long (maybe not for everyone=P) party:-)

elegant... guess who!

the fantastic FOUR!

almost The Beatles.......

I am so proud of this photo! My PB so far;)

'cała sala się buja, to nie koniec imprezy...'


exclusive - nothing else to add...

(: the cleaner - volunteer

- our last & longest running trip, really exhausting

After enjoying the photos I'd like to recommend you some films from our camp - you can watch them here.

After all, it was a sports camp! That's why I did a bit over 200km in one week:)
The results of my hard work you can see below.

I hope it was worth waiting so long for this note!