Thursday, July 5, 2012


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The most demanding sprint race in my career?

I think there's no need to write about all the things from the past. I should have plenty of time to describe all the races, trainings and O-adventures since 19th April. Moreover, these hoary old chestnuts aren't interesting  any more!

Now I am in the beautiful city of Alicante in warm Spain. Only some hours are left before my first start in World University Orienteering Championships. I skipped the yesterday's long distance race and today I am going to compete in the sprint competition.

The preparations went quite OK for me - I managed to avoid any serious injuries or training breaks. I did some really good sprint training sessions. Obviously, it might have been better - like always... However, I feel pretty well prepared, I am healthy, I feel no pain. My last tough physical training took place 5 days ago, so my muscles aren't sore and I am ready to take the challenge!

The first man starts at 16:30, the last one at 18:10 (regards, 'cwelu'!), whereas my start is at 17:24. One of the main favourites - the Czech guy, Stepan Kodeda - starts one minute behind me. I would love not to be overtaken by him. I will do my best! I have a really good attitude and am looking forward to running an interesting course in the sprint paradise, called Alicante.

The prestart area is on the top of the Santa Barbara castle - amazing place! The course is 2,8km and includes as much as 135m of climb! 20% of the race is going to take place in some (probably hilly) parks and the other 80% in the city alleys. I just have to leave these parks as soon as possible and then I'll be in my element!

P.S. I totally recommend:!