Friday, January 8, 2010

Great beginning of the new year 2010!

There's a lot of truth in what Jacek wrote on his website... I could hardly find any motivation to publish this post. I must admit it's a really tough period for us all, I think. Due to the weather conditions, due to the comeback to school, due to all the problems etc. However, running is the best way to keep the positive attitude and survive! ;-)

Some days ago I came back from Przesieka. This sports camp lasted 8 days. I did almost 190km and trained about 27 hours (20 of them - pure running). Obviously, I am not going to describe each training session. Nevertheless, I would like to mention some of them.

Let's begin with the technical trainings. In my opinion, the maps below are enough... Or maybe not! I don't want to be laughed at while looking at the second map. 4 controls were situated in the wrong places (2, 4, 7, 8). What's more, at the end I began to regret not having taken some headlamp...

There were 3 running trips as well. Surprisingly, the most demanding one was the first one! We did only some 19km but got stuck in tonnes of snow and almost froze to death... On the New Year's Eve Day we reached Śnieżka (1602 m above sea level) Over 27km in total. That was definitely my day! My legs were working incredibly well and I had no problems climbing all the steep slopes. The world was my oyster! The last trip came on the departure day. It was the longest one but the flattest one, I would say. Doing over 28km in 164minutes sounds pretty cool! However, my legs were extremely tired afterwards, which was caused by 16km of running down at the end.

The last thing I would like to mention is the wonderful middle speed training on January 2nd. 35' of slow run, then 30' of middle pace running (4:05/km) + speed ups 5x30sec (breaks of 1'30). I felt unbelievably well that day and my average HR during this 4:05/km run was 155 (max 168). I just got the amazing feeling that everything is on the right way for 4th July 2011 to be the day I will praise forever!

Tomorrow we are bound to run some kind of a cross-test... I am not sure if it's a good idea, just look out the window. However, that's not me to decide:)