Sunday, January 15, 2012

It doesn't really matter.

Today's race was to be the one of my good performance. It was to be...

During the week everything went really OK. Tuesday's training was wonderful. There was a lot of strength on Wednesday and sore muscles afterwards. On Thursday the track intervals were pretty nice and actually not tiring. The last 2 days were spent just on resting and jogging. Today everything should have been great.

I started calmly in the intended pace of 3:30/km. My HR went up very early. I felt that something was wrong. I almost managed to keep this pace until the end (5km in 17:38), but losing more than 10 seconds to our young star Witek in a 'face to face' fight is far too much...

However, I am not gonna give up. My motivation is even higher than before. There seems to be no better motivator than a defeat.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Great O-weekend!

On Saturday I had a really nice technical training. It was a really looong corridor in 3 different terrain types and at the end my legs got really tired. What's more, it was very hard to concentrate on the last loop... However, it was a magnificent session. More than 2,5h spent with the map in my hand!

In orienteering not only your technical skills are needed, but also your ability to run fast in the forest. That's why on Sunday I did a physical training on a special cross-loop (~1,2km almost only in the forest and a lot of it in a green forest...). I did 7 such loops with various intensity.

All in all, I feel that I made a great step forward in pursuing my goal on the right side of my blog.

Plans for the coming week:
Monday - jogging
Tuesday - moderate pace
Wednesday - strength training
Thursday - track intervals
Friday - free
Saturday - jog
Sunday - 5km race and probably a post here (?) :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter preparations - 1st part

It all began on 14th November. Well, began, but only on the paper...

Week no. 1
Illness and only 1 running session (8km).

Week no. 2
Almost no training, but two starts: Warsaw at Night (3rd place) and Grand Prix of Łódź (5km - 18:53). Disastrous feeling...

Week no. 3
The first week of REAL training, running every day. Started on Saturday in Christmas O-competition (middle distance) and took 2nd place.

Week no. 4
Everything went fine and we had a superb technical training session on Sunday.

Week no. 5
A tough training session on Monday (4x500m) and a test on Thursday (1500m - 4:19,4). On Friday to Zakopane.

Week no. 6
Training camp in Zakopane (more than 138km in 14,5h). On Friday back to Łódź to celebrate Christmas with my family.

Week no. 7
The whole week in Jagniątków on a sports camp with my club and friends from Poland. Although I did more than 148km in almost 16h, I am not completely satisfied with my training during that camp.

Week no. 8
It's right now. Fighting against a small illness and taking rest after the camps, but doing all the training sessions.

I hope everything's gonna start on the coming Monday!