Friday, August 5, 2011

Quick catching up!

Short JWOC 2011 summary (individual races)

I analysed my races precisely, counted my mistakes and got to know that if I had technically superb races, I would have achieved following places:
sprint - 5th
long - 5th
middle - 7th.
So my physical shape wasn't enough for the medals. Was it because of my preparations? Was it due to my little illness during JWOC? Hard to say right now...


Thanks to achieving gold medal in relay I was able to be interviewed on TVP3 (during sports news, live!) and on Radio Łódź. Moreover, I was invited by the mayor of the city of Łódź, Hanna Zdanowska. It was a very nice meeting and I was really happy to see such a big interest in our discipline!

Slovak Karst Cup 2011

I decided to run in M20, because the elite courses were a bit too long as for my holiday shape. And that was a really good choice:)

I managed to win the first 2 stages. The 2nd one was a sprint distance in Roznava, which was pretty interesting. I've never seen such a good GPS signal in a city sprint! On the 3rd day I had a really good race, but... lost the victory by 23 seconds.
The last stage was a chasing start. I was let out into the forest only 1'07 ahead of the Czech runner, Vit Braveny. I saw that the first leg s an easy, long one. So I decided to push really hard and won the split by 35 seconds! Unfortunately, I made an enormous mistake at the 5th control (100 seconds spent in the circle!) and was almost sure he would catch me. But he didn't and I could win the competition with quite a big time margin - 2'23. First of the holiday goals achieved!